All Hands on Deck 2023

As part of this DECRA project, I am collaborating with Dr Chantel Carr to produce a new cross-disciplinary symposium (and edited book):

All Hands on Deck:
Work, skill and material production at a time of human and environmental calamity

It will be held on 19-21 July 2023 at the Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sydney, Australia

A cross-disciplinary collaboration

Dr Jesse Adams Stein, a design researcher, and Dr Chantel Carr, a human geographer, have worked on similar issues and topics for many years, and finally have the opportunity to collaborate. All Hands on Deck originally emerged from Stein’s Australian Research Council DECRA research project, Makers, Manufacturers & Designersbut it is enriched by Carr’s social science background and her current Australian Research Council DECRA project – Locating the Household in Post-carbon Regional Economies – on workers and families in energy-intensive sectors.

Through convening All Hands on Deck, Stein and Carr seek to connect scholars, thinkers and makers across disciplines and geographical boundaries, to address urgent questions related to the interrelationship between labour, skill and technical knowledge, within the shifting landscape of work and climate change.

Call for Papers

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