Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Do you have a career background that has shifted across and between manufacturing trades, design, local production, vocational education and/or creative practice?

Maybe you’re a designer/maker, or a manufacturing business owner, with a strong commitment to having things made locally (and you know the struggle that this entails)?

Maybe you have decades of experience in a design consultancy? Maybe you started in an apprenticeship, worked in manufacturing, then taught at TAFE?

Perhaps you were originally a commercial artist, or a textiles patternmaker, a fabric designer, a darkroom technician, a textiles screen printer, a toolmaker, an industrial modelmaker, an automotive interior designer, an automotive upholsterer, a letterpress compositor, a bookbinder or a printing machinist? The list goes on…

These are merely suggestions … but if you think your life has some affinities with these possible trajectories, please do get in touch. You could potentially have your life story recorded (as oral history), with the National Library of Australia.

If you think you have a story to tell, please get in touch, with a short summary of relevant life history details (300 word max). Interviews commenced in late 2021 and are ongoing. All interviews are in person, but will follow the National Library of Australia’s Covid-19 safety protocols. This project has been approved by UTS Human Ethics Committee (ETH21-6297).